Max Global Experience – Uganda

A fundraising adventure to bridge the “last mile” to support cancer survivors in Africa

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20 Years of Dignity & Hope in the Face of Cancer

At The Max Foundation, we believe all people living with cancer deserve access to the best treatment, care, and support.

We decrease premature mortality from cancer by channeling humanitarian donations of life-saving oncology products to underserved populations in countries where those products are not locally available.

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A Global Reach with a Lasting Impact

We get life-saving cancer medication to people who have no other way to access the treatment they need.

Since January 2017, we’ve delivered…

daily doses of life-saving cancer medication to…
patients in…
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Follow the Patient Journey

From diagnosis to treatment access to patient advocacy, follow these patients as they face cancer with dignity and hope.

Meet Rosario from Mexico

Follow Rosario's patient journey to see how she turned her cancer diagnosis into her own non-profit for Mexican children facing cancer.
Go on Rosario’s Journey

Meet Gershon from Ghana

Follow Gershon's patient journey to see how he was able to gain access to life-saving cancer treatment.

Go on Gershon’s Journey

Meet Hira from India

Follow Hira's patient journey to learn how she was able to keep providing for her family knowing that her cancer treatment was covered by Max.
Go on Hira’s Journey

Meet Tony from Malaysia

Follow Tony's patient journey to see how a mountain climb turned into a life-altering diagnosis, and how Tony manages his cancer today.
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