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We are passionate about supporting people with cancer because we know cancer touches everyone. This is why we create systemic solutions that are as unique as the people we serve; our approach is always carried out in partnership with like-minded collaborators. We share our results with you because you inspire our efforts.”

—Erin Schwartz, VP of Global Strategy

Annual Reports

Our annual reports highlight our milestones and successes, provide the scope of our work and include inspiring stories all made possible thanks to our partners and supporters.

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2016 Annual Report

In the 2016 Annual Report, you will hear from patients in each corner of the world. On the cusp of our 20th year, we are embracing our entrepreneurial roots and reinventing how we approach treatment access for all. Thanks for being the cornerstones in building a future of dignity and hope in the face of cancer.

View the 2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report

In our 2015 Annual Impact Report, we go beyond showcasing the work of our global team and begin laying the foundation for the next five years. Alongside where our organization has grown and what we have accomplished in this year, we also share our vision for what’s next for our foundation and how we will tackle the global health issues of the next decade. We also elevate the amazing work of our Max Global Network partners and patient advocates across the globe. Together, we are helping people face cancer with dignity and hope.

We are deeply grateful to all who supported The Max Foundation in 2015. Thank you for your partnership and dedication.

View the 2015 Annual Impact Report
2014 Annual Report

The Max Foundation continued to build on its mission to increase global access to treatment, care, and support throughout the year. In this year’s report, we explain how our mission has led us in developing “ecosystems” that help people facing cancer in a myriad of ways: from medical treatment to emotional support; from patient education to community engagement. The annual report also showcases global patient leaders who give back to their community through advocacy and service. Finally, the annual report features the move of our headquarters to Seattle in order to be closer to a burgeoning network of global health leaders.

Our sincere gratitude to everyone who supports our work and made 2014 an amazing year for The Max Foundation.

Download the 2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report

The Max Foundation’s 2013 Annual Report features the theme of “Dignity and hope in the face of cancer” while showcasing our new branding portfolio. The focal point of our enhanced branding includes The Max Foundation’s refreshed logo, which appears artfully throughout the report. The report also aims to show how we carry out our mission of improving access to treatment, care and support through a variety of global programs and initiatives, as well as through regional and country specific educational and support programs.

Download the 2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report

In our 2012 Max Annual Report, we focus on the theme: Global vision. Local impact. Throughout the pages of the report, you will hear the voices of our team around the world, as they share insights on how they maximized our global network and partnered with local groups to organize events, conferences, webinars, and campaigns with the goal of improving the lives of people affected by blood and rare cancers. As well, we share highlights from core programs and services, including our Max Global Helpline, our Max Diagnostics initiative, as well as our dynamic tracking platforms. Thanks to all of our funders, partners, and supporters who make each and every achievement possible!

Download the 2012 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report

2011 was a breakthrough year for The Max Foundation and you can read all about our collaborations and innovations in our 2011 Annual Report. This year, joining forces with committed organizations and indviduals we proved that thinking outside the box, we can break down the tallest barriers to optimal survival of people living with cancer around the world. Enjoy the report and thank you for being an important part of all our successes!

Download the 2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report

2010 was a year marked by a conscious effort to maximize our impact in the community by expanding our partnerships. With this philosophy in mind, we launched into seeking new, effective working relationships and focusing on outcomes. Our partnerships have involved survivors and caregivers, physicians and other health care professionals, the community at large as well as industry and other NGOs. In total, we provided services to more than 22,000 patients, an increase of 30 percent, and we reached organizations in 30 countries with the Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign, our most successful campaign to date.

Download the 2010 Annual Report
2009 Annual Report

This year we dedicated to activities aimed at eradicating the stigma of cancer. Through a variety of initiatives under the Maximize Life motto, we promoted the concept of maximizing life with cancer, emphasizing that cancer survivors can live full lives and be productive members of society. After all, it is stigma which contributes to delayed diagnosis and a lack of local resources for support, while access to education, prevention and treatment are crucial for minimizing the looming global cancer epidemic.

Download the 2009 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report

The year 2008 was filled with Celebrations of Life, cancer awareness activities, cancer educational workshops and patient newsletters. It was a busy year, filled with community volunteering and organizing in countries like Chile, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Mexico. Our affiliate patient support groups provide the ideal framework to channel positive change into local communities.

Download the 2008 Annual Report

Executive Reports

Through our executive reports, we showcase the results of our projects and partnerships. We share these reports to be transparent about our work and the outcomes produced.

My PCR 2017 Executive Report

In 2017, the My PCR campaign focused on bolstering local My PCR partner-led advocacy efforts to improve access to PCR testing for people living with CML. In an effort to establish a clear “landscape analysis” of the need for access to PCR testing for CML patients in low- and middle-income countries, The Max Foundation worked closely with the University of Washington to produce a PCR Gap Analysis, which will be officially released in 2018. The campaign was also represented at several international conferences and regional conferences and patient/physician workshops around the world, continuing to deepen the exposure of patients, physicians, and caregivers to the campaign while continuing to represent the campaign as a professional community-driven initiative with a strong presence within the global CML community.

Download the 2016 My PCR Executive Report
Asia Pacific Multiple Myeloma Workshops 2016 Executive Report

In 2016, The Max Foundation (Max) proposed a disease specific initiative to carry out a series of patient focused events across the Asia Pacific region to benefit people living with multiple myeloma (MM) and their caregivers, which have since been executed with reports of success from participating families and physicians.

The series has consisted of four workshops in Malaysia and Thailand which have all been organized and coordinated by our Max teams based in each of the countries, alongside local healthcare teams, local patient associations and volunteers. In Malaysia, Max partnered with Max Family and in Thailand, we partnered with MaxSmiles. Both patient groups serve as the patient support arm of The Max Foundation in their respective countries.

Download the 2016 Asia Pacific Multiple Myeloma Workshops Executive Report
Chai for Cancer 2016 Executive Report

Chai for Cancer USA is a fundraising initiative of The Max Foundation designed to raise awareness of the needs of cancer patients while raising funds for their support. Originally conceived of in India, Chai for Cancer USA began its first year in the summer of 2015, as a fun way for supporters to join in our mission by hosting an adda (party), inviting their networks of friends, neighbors, and colleagues to help people facing cancer in India.

The Max Foundation’s South Asia Region Head, Viji Venkatesh, was instrumental in encouraging her network to participate, and our adda hosts across the country were pivotal to our success. In total, twelve parties took place in twelve cities in the US and Canada, including a large community event hosted by The Max Foundation in Bellevue, WA. The 2016 Chai for Cancer USA campaign raised a total of $23,631.61 to support diagnostic testing for cancer patients in India.

We look forward to continuing Chai for Cancer USA, and we’re thankful to our community of friends, new and old, that joined with us to bring dignity and hope to people facing cancer in India and beyond.

Download the 2016 Chai for Cancer Executive Report
Health Technology Assessment Workshop 2015 Executive Report

For The Max Foundation, putting on the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Workshop was an exciting opportunity to invite members of our Max Global Network from Africa and the Middle East to increase their capacities around health systems and economics. In addition, the workshop was a chance to learn from new organizations from across the region. Bringing regional advocates together provided a forum for the advocates to gain resources and expertise from each other in order to strengthen our work on the continent and beyond.

Download the HTA Workshop Executive Report
CML Life Africa 2015 Executive Report

For four consecutive years, with the support of industry and international organizations, The Max Foundation has hosted the annual meeting of CML Life Africa, a capacity-building workshop for patient leaders throughout the region. As a result, CML patient leaders in 16 countries continue to be mentored, supported, and guided in the growth of their own local patient support associations. Patient leaders from fifteen countries throughout the region were invited to participate.

Download the CML Life 2015 Executive Report

Maximize Life Campaign 2015 Executive Report

The Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign is about spreading awareness about the needs of people living with cancer worldwide. The core component of each event is the sharing of personal stories related to the cancer experience among
survivors and caregivers. A total of 48 campaign events were held by 39 patient organizations in 33 countries around the world. All events featured a local cancer survivor who spoke out about their experience, and included other activities such as stage plays, book readings, disease education workshops, forums, and peer support groups. An estimated 11,000 people participated around the world along with 1,050 volunteers.

Download the 2015 Maximize Life Campaign Executive Report
Rising Sun 2015 Executive Report

The Rising Sun Meeting is an opportunity for the network members in the region to come together for disease related medical updates, best practice sharing and capacity building. The goal of the annual gathering is a desire to convene a meeting with relevance to stakeholders within the region specifically, and as a result, the meeting content and agenda is driven by the needs of the regional constituents. A total of 23 organizations participated in this year’s Rising Sun, represented by 37 patient advocates and seven speakers. The 2015 Rising Sun Meeting for patient advocates took place October 9th-11th, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Beginning in 2015, the Rising Sun Meeting structure has been renewed and the conference is now officially under the auspices of The Max Foundation, in partnership with leaders of patient organizations from Asia Pacific and South Asia whose mission is to serve people living with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) in their countries. The meeting was a multi-sponsored initiative made possible thanks to Novartis Oncology’s support as the premier sponsor with additional support from Janssen Asia Pacific, Ariad and Otsuka.

Download the Rising Sun 2015 Executive Report


In 2015, we had signi cant new in-kind gifts – charitable giving in the form of medical equipment and treatment. Funding increased in key areas, with over ninety percent of our funds going directly to programs which benefit patients. Our strong collaborations allow The Max Foundation to put 91 cents of every dollar into supporting people facing cancer.

Donors and Sponsors

Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners represents a circle of key strategic partners within the private sector, specifically the pharmaceutical industry, who demonstrate their commitment to improving access to treatment, care, and support for patients living with cancer in lower income countries by supporting The Max Foundation.

Novartis – Pioneer in Access to Treatment
Tanner Pharma Group – Premier Partner

Friends of The Max Foundation

Our Friends of The Max Foundation circle is a way to recognize businesses and family foundations contributing financial or in-kind gifts to the organization. We are grateful to all these corporate friends who make our work possible through event sponsorship, direct grants, as well as gifting products and services to The Max Foundation.