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Each quarter, we deliver a million daily doses to cancer patients around the world

Access to Treatment

Access to treatment for cancer in a complex world requires commitment and adaptability. As pioneers in the management of global access programs, as well as other access channels, our partnerships today are as diverse and multifaceted as each solution requires.

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Support & Education

We generate opportunities for people to learn about their diagnosis in a safe and encouraging environment by developing disease-specific patient workshops and support programs. Our patient workshops are often carried out in partnership with country-based patient associations and our support programs are led by our professional staff.

Support & Education Initiatives
Support Programs

The Day by Day support program is implemented through periodic phone calls, distribution of informational material and, in specific cases, patient support meetings and disease workshops hosted by our local representative in the patient’s home country. Knowing that many kinds of cancer have become chronic conditions, attending to both the short and long term needs of patients and families is critical.

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Patient Workshops

Our framework for disease education workshops include several components. They each feature a speaker or a panel with leading physicians that promote a healthy dialogue between healthcare providers and the people who are living with the condition. Each workshop aims to create a space for patients and families to meet and learn from each other, whether through sharing testimonials or sharing a meal.

Learn more about regional patient workshops in Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific, and South Asia.

Capacity Building

The Max Foundation trains patient leaders to improve local health systems and foster change within their communities. By investing in the growth of our patient group partners through training workshops and advocacy programs, we develop leaders capable of advocating for the needs and rights of cancer patients everywhere.

Capacity Building Initiatives
Capacity-Building Conferences

Each year, we organize regional conferences where patient advocates and associations gather to impart best practices, strengthen organizational capacities, and refine leadership skills. Our capacity-building conferences are open to members of the Max Global Network and other groups with similar disease-area focus.

Training Workshops

Highly-specialized training allows network members to gain resources and expertise in upcoming important subjects. In 2015, The Max Foundation hosted a one-of-a-kind Health Technology Assessment training workshop for advocates in Africa and the Middle East, bringing this nascent topic to the next generation of leaders.

Max Global Network

The Max Global Network is our robust system of outstanding patient associations and community leaders who share our mission and vision. We proudly carry out key initiatives in partnership with these dedicated organizations and leaders and are grateful for our partnerships with each and every organization, near and far.

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Initiatives of The Max Global Network

Maximo and the Big C

Maximo and the Big C is a story book produced by The Max Foundation to benefit children facing cancer around the world. Beautifully illustrated and poetically written, the book tells the story of Maximo, a little sparrow who overcomes his personal challenges and finds strength to support others. Over 25,000 Maximo books have been donated to children affected by cancer around the world.

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Polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, is a diagnostic and monitoring tool used in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and other diseases to measure the response to treatment. PCR is generally one of or the most sensitive ways to detect the level of disease in a person with CML. Despite its importance, many people living with CML are not able to properly monitor their treatment due to lack of access to or understanding of PCR technology.

My PCR is a global effort to educate and equip people with knowledge and tools for PCR testing.

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Maximize Life Campaign

The Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign is an annual initiative organized and coordinated by The Max Foundation. The campaign takes place during the month of October, and is implemented in partnership with volunteers and cancer patient organizations. Concurrent events worldwide showcase the Maximize Life Movement: a movement of people who have risen above a cancer diagnosis to give back to their communities. The initiative targets low- and middle-income countries, where cancer stigma is most pervasive, access to treatment is scarce, and survival rates are below standard.


Colors of Hope Art Collection

Through the Colors of Hope Art Collection, people around the world living with cancer and their caregivers are invited to convey their experience through art. Since the project’s inception, we have received over 2,000 works of art that tell a complex yet common story. From fear and confusion, to acceptance and love, the emotional spectrum shared through the artwork provides a glimpse into the artists’ struggles and hopes.

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Max Global Network

In partnership with the patient associations in our Max Global Network, we carry out two key annual awareness initiatives, the Maximize Life Global Cancer Awareness Campaign and the My PCR campaign.

Africa & Middle East
  • Groupe d’Appui aux Survivant du Cancer, Burkina Faso
  • AMACAS, Cameroon 
  • Can Survive, Egypt
  • Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society, Ethiopia
  • CML Patients’ Foundation of Ethiopia, Ethiopia
  • Ghana Patient Support Group, Ghana
Asia Pacific
Latin America
The Max Global Network Consists of…

Patient Organizations