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Access to Treatment is Access to Life


We believe that all people living with cancer have the right to access the best treatment and support.

The Scope of the Cancer Epidemic in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

In 2030, there will be a projected 23.6 million cancer cases around the world. Most of these will occur in low- and middle-countries that are unable to offer proper treatment and care.

Disparity in Cancer Survival

66% of people in low- and middle-income countries will not survive their cancer, compared to only 47% in high-income countries.

The Economic Burden of Cancer

$0.54-$7.92 per patient

Spent in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

$183-$460 per patient

Spent in Developed Nations

High-income regions spend 5 to 10 times more per capita than low- and middle-income countries.

An Expert Perspective from Dr. Gilberto Lopes

Dr. Gilberto Lopes, a Professor of Oncology at John Hopkins University, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer for the Oncoclinicas Group in Brazil, and member of our Strategic Innovation Advisory Board, shares his insight on the vital need for cancer treatment is in low- and middle-income countries.

It is important to prioritize treatment best practices that will most effectively fill the health care needs in limited-resource regions, where patients commonly present with more advanced disease at diagnosis, and to provide resource-allocation guidance in order to maximize outcomes in a systematic fashion.1

1Taken from “Developing Resource-Stratified Guidelines in Oncology to Improve Cancer Care Worldwide” by Dr. Gilberto Lopes. Read the article to learn more about the needs around cancer control in low- and middle-income countries to better understand how it drives our mission.

Our Approach to Saving Lives

We believe in building ecosystems around people facing cancer around the world.

As a first step, we create pathways for patients to access much needed targeted therapies, which can help with one disease or many. We form partnerships with physicians, industry and governments, along with the patients themselves to enable access solutions. Next, we work with physicians around disease education, identifying patient leaders and forming patient groups. Finally, we provide capacity building to leaders and patient organizations; partnering with them to bring dignity and hope to people facing cancer, no matter where they live.

Patients are the center of all we do and we believe they deserve access to the best treatment.

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Our wrap-around services aim to build knowledge among the people we serve.

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Creating communities of support leads to enhanced quality of life for families.

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Aligning with a Global Purpose

Our strategic aim for The Max Foundation aligns with the global health targets set in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of September 2015. Many of the UN’s goals address the control of non-communicable diseases with cancer representing one of the highest burden diseases. Our mission is specifically focused on the following Sustainable Development Goal:

By 2030, reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being.

How to be Part of the Solution

We will only be successful in achieving our mission with your support and partnership. As a public serving organization, we depend on your fiscal support. Equally important is how we rely on your collaboration to extend our reach around the world. Find out how you can get involved with The Max Foundation.

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